MedRX ImagingMedRX Imaging

Imaging, using a scope that allows light transmission through a flexible fiber optic cable and the production of a picture through an associated camera, allows veterinarians to view difficult, hard-to-reach sites within pets’ bodies, something that would be otherwise impossible or extremely difficult. Using a MedRx Imaging fiberoptic scope, doctors view most of those organs and areas routinely now.
MedRX Imaging
The Video Images of the procedure can be viewed by the veterinarian and client on the high resolution color video monitor. VetScope generated images can also be used to demonstrate the disease process before and after or response to therapy over time.  The Video image can be frozen on the monitor or printed as a high resolution, color photograph. Everyone enjoys these high tech, educational tools. Many of us, veterinarians, have rushed to utilize the new technologies available to us today to aid in our diagnostic activities.